There is a big altitudinal difference between the base of Šar Planina (Polog Valley) and its highest peaks, which is why there is a change in the basic climate types and significant variation of the average climate parameters within one climate type. On Šar Planina’s peaks, the continental climate typical for the foothills is replaced by colder mountain climate. Temperature on Shar Planina drops by 0.5° C at every 100 m.a.s.l. Precipitation increases with the increase in altitude (up to 2.200 m), and then it declines.

The average annual temperature of the base of Šar Planina varies between 10.5 to 11 °C. Popova Shapka (1750 m) is characterized by low average temperature (4.6°C). Popova Shapka is also characterized by heavy precipitation. The average annual precipitation is around 1100 mm, but some years it reaches even more than 1500 mm.  Constant snow cover exists from December to March. Maximum height of the snow cover reaches 160 cm, and even 200 cm on higher terrains. 


Weather station, Popova Shapka